Social Media for Athletes

As a professional athlete, you often find yourself under the watchful eye of thousands and thousands of people. This makes it all too important that your content is reaching the right people, in the right way. The easiest way for your fans to reach and relate is social media.

Our social team at WIDSIX Sports specializes in social media account management for professional athletes and we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the visualization of your brand. We’ll be sure to make your athleticism known, but have you considered using your platform to fight for a cause? Promote a non-profit? Show people that you’re still a caring human underneath that uniform?

WIDSIX Sports takes the power of your influence into consideration, and by doing so we’re able to expand your audience, increase your following, improve engagement rates, and grow your account in a genuine, organic way: there’s no juicin’ around here. Extensive data analysis and analytics allow for measurable growth, and scores matter in this market just like they do in sports. Lucky for us, we don’t take L’s often. WIDSIX Sports makes sure to abide by guidelines set by your agent, and we respect any need for privacy and content preference. Our mission is to work together to uncover the best methods to get the spotlight on your social.


  • Friends Tell Friends – Let the masses spread the new for you… post to your social media accounts and let them go to work.
  • Social Media is a MUST – some old schoolers will tell you it’s over rated, but it’s the easiest way to reach the masses
  • Everyone’s Doin’ It – everyone and their grandma has social media accounts… wait, why are we still having this conversation?
  • Viral Video – quickest way to spread videos around is by posting on social media accounts… they spread like wildfire.
  • Sponsor Shoutouts – Sponsors need to know you are talking about them… and social media tagging is the easiest way to do it.
  • Create a Buzz – generate a buzz about upcoming events you have, new gear releases, post competition results