Athlete Web Design

WIDSIX Sports specializes in designing and building websites for professional athletes in all categories: golf, tennis, football, baseball, skiing, snowboarding, you name it. Our passion for sports allows us to understand how important peak performance is, and we feel like your website should operate the same way.

Does your current website represent your individual style? Forget the templates, we’re all about custom web design and making every single element of your website unique to you, your brand, your image, and your voice. From logo development, to layout and graphic design, to content creation, to optimizing navigation, our savvy team of web developers geek out at the opportunity to bring a website to its fullest potential. We know how hectic schedules can get for professional athletes between practices and travel: WIDSIX Sports ensures your website is just as functional and easy-to-navigate on mobile devices.

As a full-service marketing company focused in professional athlete marketing, WIDSIX Sports is dedicated to being contemporary, innovative, and efficient. We put these same values into the websites we build for our athletes, and highlight elements of your brand that appeal to fans, sponsors, and potential investors alike. This means that page content can range from fan club registration, to photo galleries, to a calendar of events, to athletic achievements. As an athlete, you dip your toes in a variety of projects, and we want people to understand that the same way we do.

  • Personal Style – First impressions are the most important, does your current site represent your style?
  • Custom Athlete Web Design – We design a custom site for you… using your input to drive the design. NO TEMPLATES.
  • Logos and Graphics – People don’t read… they need graphics to tell them to stay put and read more.
  • Sliders + Movement – Keep visitors engaged and get their attention.
  • Be Social – Link up your site with instagram, twitter, facebook, or blog updates to keep people coming back.
  • Contact Info – Give visitors to your site an easy way to contact you, so they don’t have to work so hard for it.